Post Name:Astro-Knights Characters…

Description:Ye brain and ye brawn.

Posted by:Shark Boy

Brand-new sneak peek! In the photo is an old wise man,and a man dressed in armor. You will be meeting them on Astro-Knights. So,stay tuned!

Okay so here is some bad news.


There are still no advertisements! That’s pretty much why my avatar is crying. Just hope that there will be more advertisements coming REALLY soon.

In other news,You might be wondering where I got my clothes.

Here is where I got them from.

Hair – Sir Rebral,Super Power Island

Mouth Cover – Copied from a user.

Sweater,and Pants – An unknown user.

Axe – Viking Suit,Time Tangled Island

Cape – Copied from a user.

Speaking of advertisements,you still find people dressed from old advertisements.


You can mostly find Tinker Bell costumes,and sometimes,if your lucky,you can get some from the old Yogo advertisement,Lego Racing advertisement,High School Musical 3 advertisement,etc.