May 2009


"Here's my Stats!"

"Here's my Stats!"

Send the IDB Team your stats!

1. Go to your stats.

2.Click on “Prnt Scrn” right above F10,which is right above the “9” key.

3.Go to Paint and click on the “Select” tool(the dotted line square).

4.Right-click,and click on “Paste”

5.Save it(as a PNG file).

6.Upload it on

7.Copy the “Direct Link for Layouts” code.

8.Comment this post and give us the link to the pic of your stats!


astroknightsbanner1. Click on the “Items” button.

2.Then click on the Navigation bar for the items

3.After that,look under Games,and you’ll see ASTRO KNIGHTS?!?!

Huh,that’s strange.

Well,that’s another clue that Astro-Knights is coming REALLY soon.

-The IDB Team-

Hi I’m Cool Wing! A new author on this AWESOME blog! My characters for Poptropica are Cool Wing,

Picture 2 Trusty Heart, Picture 1 and Perfect Ninja Picture 11 See you on Poptropica!

Have you seen people like this…


Did you notice that its uncustomizable?

Well,do you notice that star on the top-right corner?

Click it and it will show your Stats,Store,and Stuff!

Click on Store and buy some stuff with your credits!!


HELPFUL TIP:For more credits complete more islands!

Hi guys! I am Skinny Snowball, and I am a new author on this great blog! I will soon be added to the header, which I am  really looking forward to that. You can also find me (if you look on poptropica links for both of them!) at poptropical thunders and my very own poptropica cheats blog! Later!



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