I was very proud of my first Snapshot Sagas,I decided to do another one. I climbed up on the rope,jumped in my Hot Air Balloon,and flew to Super Power Island. I looked around and saw a meteor crashed into a jail! Its always so surprising when I look at it,even though I’ve been here many times. I greeted the police officers in my path,before I opened the door to The Daily Paper. I saw many people dressed in costumes. Then,I saw a certain girl named Brave Lobster. Even though she had “Brave” in her name,she looked very shy. After a quick chat of random questions that caught our amusement,I gave someone my camera and asked them to take a picture. He said “Yes”. He was even nice enough to edit it for me. I exited it out happy and joyful as I climbed the rope to my Hot Air Balloon.

Tic-Tac-Toe! TWO IN A ROW!!