[!Secret will be Revealed!]



1. Go to Poptropica,and Log In

2.Go to the closet Multiplayer room(it doesn’t matter which one!)

3.Once you go in,click the Costumizer tool,and click on a random Poptropican.


4.Press on “Prnt Scrn” on your keyboard(above the “F10” key).

5.Go to Paint,click the Square Tool,right click and click on Paste.

6.Save it!

7.Type in Picnik.com in your Address Bar.

8.Upload the photo.

z39.Click on the Crop option,and crop it until it looks like the photo on

the right.

10.Save it,and in the format of PNG(for best quality).

11.Go to WordPress.com(you have to have a username or blog

to do this.)

12.Click on My Dashboard.


13.Scroll down til’ you see Users on the left and click on down

and click on Your Profile.

14.Click on Change Gravatar.

15. Upload it.

16. Crop it til’ it only shows your Poptropican’s face.

17. Your finished product should look something like Scary Tomato’s.


Your welcome! 🙂


If you don’t get the steps,or want to say thanks,comment.

NOTE:This took forever to do,so if you steal,to put on your blog,put credit,and comment.