So,here’s a 3-post combo!thinking

Blog Post Title:Idle Minds

Description:Hermits like me don’t go outside much. I guess I’ll just sit here and think…

Posted by:Hazmat Hermit

WOAH! Hermit was thinking about some sort of bomb. You can tell by looking closely at the code.He’s forming some sort of secret plan and planning to let the bomb EXPLODE! Oh-No!


Blog Post Title:Snapshot Sagas: Speedy Club

Description: Wanting to keep up to date on the happenings around Super Power Island, I took a quick trip to The Daily Paper. Inside, I met a very speedy Poptropican with a fitting name. Speedy Club and I had a quick chat over the latest news, and she spared a moment for me to take a picture before speeding off to continue her adventures in Poptropica!Congratulations Speedy Club, you have just been featured in Snapshot Sagas!

Posted by:Vlad the Viking

Another exciting Snapshot Sagas posted that famous viking we all know and adore.


Blog Post Title:Creative Spaces

Description:This is a picture of me in front of my desk. I have some cool toys and art surrounding me, to encourage creativity. You can even get a glimpse of a scene from Astro-Knights on my computer screen. Maybe some of the other creators will be showing you where they work?

Posted by:Shark Boy

In PHB’s opinion,Shark Boy might be Nate Greenwall! Chances 1 out of 8!