Another exciting Snapshot Sagas in the point of view of Vlad the Viking. Check out this awesome story coming from Shark Tooth Island!

I had such a relaxing week! I was sipping some coconut milk at the Coconut Cafe and taking in some sun on the tropical Shark Tooth Island beach. My relaxing time didn’t last long however, because I ran into something out of this world on my latest trip to the Coconut Cafe! It was a Poptropican named Striped Hero, but I couldn’t be sure if he was really from Poptropica because I had never seen anything like him before! He was just as friendly as any other Poptropican that I have met, and I was able to take a photo with him, but his origins are still a great mystery to me!

Congratulations Striped Hero! You have been the latest visitor of mysterious origin featured on Snapshot Sagas!


Stay tuned for more Snapshot Sagas on the PCB!