June 2009

newChars“We are busy creating tons of cool stuff for Poptropica, and here are two new outfits you’ll soon be able to purchase in the Poptropica Store!”

Looks like there’ll be another two outfits from the store – and check it out, outfit 2 (right) seems the same as the Renegade Robot outfit. It has both the gun, that robot mask, self contained breathing apparatus (at his back) and that body robot gear. Outfit 1 (left) has some sort of connection too.

I can’t wait for the “cool stuff” that’s gonna come to Poptropica soon!




Last week I went for a hike into the hills of a strange island, and this is what I saw. I was so hungry from my travels and the eggs looked so good, but I didn’t think the seagull would like it if I “borrowed” an egg for my lunch!

Comic Kid gives us another sneak peek of Reality TV Island!

Have you, got Binary Bard’s eye leak? Here’s my sneak a peek:

eyfluHead on to Astro-Knights, since that’s where I got it, from a fellow guppy in the Crop Circle Inn.

“We’ve added some new items to the store. Hope you’re not afraid of snakes!”


New costumes have been added to the store and a Medusa-iser too.


Which, costs 250


A visit to Arturus was a chance of a lifetime, and I had been waiting MONTHS for this! It was going to be grand, taking a trip to the famed castle, and visiting the small museum dedicated to Mordred, the infamous scientist!

When I had finally taken my first steps into Arturus, a great rumble filled the air and the ground shook. It soon became apparent that a great battle had begun at the castle, and all I had was my trusty camera! I am no coward (well, not a coward all of the time), but I couldn’t fight these flying ships without a sturdy axe, and I just had my hair re-braided, and… well… I just couldn’t jump into the fray.

A laser blast exploded near my feet, and I was thrown back through the doorway of the nearby Crop Circle Inn. This was just getting to be too much! My freshly braided hair was still intact, but my favorite boots were practically ruined from the searing heat of the barrage!

With the sounds of battle still ringing outside, I decided to hunker down in safety with the other Poptropican’s that apparently had the same idea as myself. One Poptropican in particular caught my attention. His name is Young Bug, and he was a Ninja! I definitely didn’t feel cowardly knowing that even a Ninja equipped with nunchaku wasn’t too fond of entering battle against flying machines with laser guns!

Congratulations Young Bug, you have just been featured in Snapshot Sagas!

Vlad’s first Snapshot Sagas on Astro-Knights. Will you be the next poptropican to be featured?


As most of you guys have noticed,the “Color  Wars!” have started. Here is the color code….

Famous Filmers = Red

Valiant Volleyballers = Purple

Bodacious Bikers = Green

Super Skaters = Blue

 Lets see the scores according to the picture above.

1st Place – Vailant Volleyballers(8,488)

2nd Place – Famous Filmers(7,739)

3rd Place – Bodacious Bikers(5,176)

4th Place – Super Skaters(5,115)

It seems that the volleyballers are in lead! Congratulations!!

newStoreOutfits“Personally I’d never leave the safety of my Hazmat suit, but if you feel like a change in your wardrobe, look in the Poptropica Store for these new outfits.” Here’s the Newest store Post!!!!!!! See Ya! Hazmit Hermit Posted this!

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