PHB opened a new newsletter today called,”Poptropican’s 911″. Its pretty awesome. You should go check it out by the click of this link:

Motionman95 helped out with the newsletter by giving PHB the link of how to play Astro-Knights early without a pass.

  • Log in to your Poptropica account.
  • Go to the URL (link) mentioned above.
  • Right-click and press “Play” on the menu that pops up.
  • Now press the “Save and Quit” button. Be sure to log out.
  • Re-login, and enjoy Astro Knights Island!
  • He also helped by designing a cool wallpaper for us all to have. Check it out!

    Thanks,PHB and to the voters for help making this AWESOME newsletter!

    There is also Sumbit Your Own,Stories,Ask PHB,and more you can see just by the click of this link!