Thanks Glitch1500!

While scrolling through Legoless’ blog, I found a comment that said…

I had to go back and create a new account then beat 5 islnds!
The nerve!
I don’t know why I even play anymore!
Lots of people have done that!
My parents say that it isn’t right to charge kids for something educational. It’s a way of making money but they still have the ads!
I mean, right on th edescrpition on it said that it was a fun educational learning game! I can’t believe the creators did that!
I also hear that they are charging for a membership or something!
I really cannot believe it!
legoless: Me neither. And who in their right minds would pay for something they can get for free in like 4 days?

If you ask,the comment was posted on June 6th.

I sorta agree with them. Do you?