I decided I’m going to start posting stuff about my life and stuff here.


Well today in class it was the last day in school for everyone. The kindergarten kids and the 5th graders graduated. But I’ve seen alot of people with paper bags filled with lots of school stuff that we’ve done and had this year. Anyways, in class my teacher was pretty mean as always. She usually yells for no apparent reason at random children for nothing. We did get alot of stuff though. The thing I got from her was a 100 piece WCW puzzle. It was the only thing left next to the dinosaur one. I wanted to get that awesome tiger Kaelyn had gotten, but I haven’t turned in a folder or something which is why I haven’t gotten one ’til the end. After school, Darrius,Samuel,Rossel,John,and I were playing football. At the beginning, the football kept going in the streets before the buses had left. When Darrius went in the street to go get the football, a bus driver said,”You could have gotten ran over!” I laughed hard. I’m going to another school next year which was bad news. I was gonna miss pretty much everyone I had known. But now for 5th grade, I have to graduate at another school. I don’t really like the name of it. It sounds creepy. Well, not too long ago, I was drawing comics about this girl named Jessica. She sorta dresses like that girl in Bridge To Terabithia. She’s normal and stuff and I just like drawing her. Its fun. By the way, I can draw comics really well. Drawing is one of my secret talents. Well, later guys!

Also,I’m closing the poll early since most of you don’t like it and its pretty obvious.

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It seems that 5 out of 4 of you guys don’t like it. I guess I got you guys used to this theme!