Club Penguin

“Go back and take another look at the islands you’ve already completed. You can see new depth in the backgrounds and scenery of Poptropica. Hope you enjoy.”

A binary code translated to Parallax was also found. I can’t seem to find the difference, but atleast an old play had come back to Club Penguin – Ruby and The Ruby!

Here’s a look at it:

rubyand as an old play came, an old pin returns – the ruby pin. You can find it by doing the following steps in order:

Click the file cabinet, then the trash bin, afterwards the guset book, the flowers, lastly the picture. After this, click the safe and find the pin inside. A background is also hidden in the back of the Costume Catalog. Go to the back ¬†and find a ‘How Do I Get Coins’ page there. Drag it downwards and find the background. Simply click it!


You can vanish with the all-new “Phantom” power!

Hey, does this have connection to Danny Phantom?

Hey, does this have connection to Danny Phantom?

The new ‘Vanish’ card has been added and you could buy it with 250 credits (of course). You can choose how powerful the vanishing can be. You can still see your self, and so can other players, but not that much.

Sensei was at the ninja hideout, and gave-this background away:

And, a new pin, has been released: Dojo Lantern