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Remember the pictures of fish that I drew awhile back? Well I thought I would go back to where I first saw them and show you what they look like in their surroundings. Amazing, huh?!

Also,the results came in for the “Have you completed Astro-Knights yet?” poll.

Yes. It was easy-peazy lemon-squeezy! 6% (1 votes)

Yes. It was confusing! 44% (7 votes)

Yes. With your guide. 0% (0 votes)

Half of it. 25% (4 votes)

No. Its too confusing! 19% (3 votes)

Nope. 0% (0 votes)

I don’t even have the pass yet! 6% (1 votes)

Total Votes: 16

Well,it looks like most people completed it. Good job,guys!



Blog Post Title:A New Little Friend

Description: When I’m traveling from island to island on my adventures I’m always eager to make new friends. This little guy was the latest to become my new friend. Isn’t he cute?

Posted by:COMIC KID

The latest sneak peek about either Reality TV Island or some sort of new animal island. All we know for know,is that is has berries,rocks,and armadillos.


Blog Post Title: Hot Under the Collar

Description: In my recent adventures I stumbled into a hole that turned out to be more than just a hole. As you can see it was a very hot place, so I made sure to get out as fast as I could.

Posted by:COMIC KID

So,as you can see,Astro Knights is gonna have ice and lava. Blue and Red. Cold and Hot. You know what I mean! By the way, Me and Comic Kid have something in common. We both like comics! I’m starting to draw comics alot,and I am really getting good at it. Atleast,I found another hobby that I can stick to.