Blog Post Title: Mechanical Faces


My visit to Shark Tooth Island today had to be under cover. It looks like Astro-Knights Island is so eager to be released that parts of it have started to sneak out into the main Poptropica population.


Well it looks like Binary Bard found out about the Mechanical Fever going around Poptropica. Awesome!



So,as you might has heard,there has been a leak of some sort of robotic mask that covers half of your face. You might also has noticed that Binary Bard has this. And obviously,its from Astro-Knights. You might also found out its customizable! It all started when Binary Bard came into Poptropica,and then a fellow named “White Foot” customized it,and now its spreading! LOL. Cool,right? Also in even BETTER news, Reality TV Island is scheduled to come out later this year due to the small banner at the bottom of the page of Poptropica. You might also be wondering ,where did my sweater and pants come from? Well,its from this leak I think,and I customized it from this character on Shark Tooth Island(I recommend this island to get the leak. That’s where I got my robot mask from.Cool huh? 00000000000001

Mkay,also if you might have noticed in the Multiplayer Rooms there are banners on both sides, advertising Apple Jacks Gliders! It sounds good….well,to me.
I’m updating I updated my Cheats page with a cheat I found on PHB. Don’t worry! I give credit! ;]
Also,a special thanks to “Serious Fox” for telling how it happend!