We know that most of you guys had trouble logging-in these past few days. Dr. Hare explained why on the PCB.

 Q: What’s going on with Poptropica right now?
A: With the launch of Astro-Knights island we’ve experienced an overwhelming surge in traffic. We are working on a solution to handle the increase in traffic to the site.

Q: When will Poptropica be back up?
A: We’re expecting to have the site ready within the next 24 hours.

Q: Is my account information lost?
A: No. The increase in traffic has caused temporary glitches that have made registered accounts unavailable. This is part of the fix we are working on. When we are back up and running, you will have full access to your account.

That should explain everything for now. Also you might have seen this message on the Poptropica homepage.

ALERT: We’re currently making upgrades to the site. If you have trouble logging in or playing, please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

Yup. Dr. Hare responded to THAT message alright.



Dear Staff/Viewers,

    I am going to the beach for today. I added some new stuff to keep you guys entertained. It was some hard work,but hey,I’ve done it anyways. Well, I gotta get going before I get yelled at.


                                                                                                                        Invisible Drummer

STAFF:Try to get some more viewers,and add some new stuff while your at it!


”][Picture used for PHB's 1,000,000th Hits Mark]